Pulau Singa Besar-A Gorgeous, Legendary Beach in Langkawi!

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One of the more gorgeous islands in the Langkawi archipelago, Pulau Singa Besar is considered to be one of the most magnificent spots of Langkawi and should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Malaysia! Malaysia is a gem of a country that boasts hundreds of amazing eco-tourism destinations, with Langkawi being the jewel in the crown. When you’re heading to Langkawi and thinking of what to do in Langkawi or where to go in Langkawi, then Pulau Singa Besar, a 636 hectare island of pristine glorious promise awaits you with its gorgeous scenery, beautiful beach and warm tropical sand!

Nestled between two islands, Pulau Beras Basah and Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar in Langkawi is an oasis of turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, intriguing rain-forests, white sandy beaches and majestic limestone formations! This island is completely untouched by humans, to the point where it doesn’t have any sort of construction on it, not even washrooms for the folks who alight on the beach! Here’s the upside: this island is home to some of the most rare and unique species of flora and fauna in the whole of Southeast Asia!

When you’re planning a major island hopping tour, Pulau Singa Besar has to be on your plan of where to go in Langkawi! Now let’s take a look at why Pulau Singa Besar should be on your list of things to do in Langkawi!

The Legend of Pulau Singa Besar

Like all other names and islands in Langkawi, Pulau Singa Besar has its very own special legend after which it is named! Pulau Singa Besar stands for ‘The Island of the Big Lion’, and is famed to be the home of a giant who had tamed a lion and kept it as a pet!

What to Do in Pulau Singa Besar

On a normal sightseeing island hopping tour, you’ll get your chance to come and visit this gorgeous island! There’s plenty to do and to see here, if you’re willing to look beyond the primitive state of the island. First and foremost, there’s the swimming and sunbathing! This island gives you the perfect opportunity to lie down on its soft grainy white sandy beach for a lovely sun-soak as you enjoy the soaring of eagles overhead, the craggy limestone formations in the distance, the deep blue skies and the gentle lull of the waves.

Many tourists prefer this island for its swimming and snorkeling opportunities. The gentle and clear waters give you a chance to observe some unique species of fish and coral and take a leisurely swim as you enjoy the warmth of the ocean!

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll also appreciate the chance to take a closer look at some of the different species of fauna in the forests. From Mouse Deer to Macaques to Peacocks to Iguanas: there’s a wide and varied assortment of amazing animal life! Nature lovers tend to come over and camp overnight so they can see the different animals in their own habitat at their own time. When camping, it’s advisable to bring your own tents and camping equipment, since you’re not likely to get any on rent on the island.

Eagle Feeding

For bird lovers, the Eagle Watching tradition on Pulau Singa Besar is something that you cannot afford to miss. Eagles love chicken meat, and will come very close to your boat to get what your guide throws into the air! This is your big moment to click a few photos and observe them up-close. Watching these majestic birds soar directly above you is a moment to cherish forever!

When heading to Pulau Singa Besar, please remember that this island is completely unoccupied by humans and maintains a fragile ecosystem that houses hundreds of different species of flora and fauna. Come, observe, enjoy and leave without damaging anything or littering the beaches. Leave the area as you found it and adopt general ecotourism principles.

About Langkawi Coral

Langkawi Coral promote Green Tourism, environmentally responsible travel to natural areas to appreciate nature and promote conservation, and sustain the well being of local people. We share with tourists not only the best of Penang and Langkawi in nature, culture, heritage and adventure but also the importance of conservation to preserve rich natural splendors and cultural heritages in Malaysia. | 我们推广绿色旅游,在自然区开展责任旅游,欣赏大自然及提倡自然保育,并维系当地人民的福祉。 我们不单只和旅客分享槟城和兰卡威在自然、文化与历史传统的最佳一面,同时更着重保育的重要性,以维护马来西亚丰富的天然瑰宝与文化遗产。
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