What Amazing Gifts Do Malaysian Officials Receive? Visit Perdana Gallery in Langkawi

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The Perdana Gallery is one of the top places to visit in Langkawi for history lovers. The gallery was first formed in 1995 and includes three connected buildings within a larger area surrounded by large recreational areas and gardens.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad is responsible for the creation of the gallery. He did so during his time in this role as he wanted to create a place where the people of Malaysia could see the various gifts, souvenirs, and awards him and his wife received from Malaysians, statesmen, and world leaders. The then Prime Minister felt that each of these gifts and awards belonged to the country as a whole and therefore decided to make them accessible in what would become one of the key tourist attractions in Malaysia.

If you decide to visit the Perdana Gallery, you should have a bit more background information about the area.

Building Structure

As you enter the Galeria Perdana, you will be able to purchase a ticket at the reception counter. Once you get inside the main gallery, be sure to look up at the ceiling dome. Here you will find intricate work and detail as well as a precious chandelier. While you walk throughout other areas of the gallery, be sure to admire the ceilings in those rooms as well as many are high and hand-painted.


To maintain its organization, the Perdana Gallery is divided into several different sections based on the type of gift, souvenir, or award. The first section includes materials made with lacquer, crystal, wood, or leather in addition to stone objects and musical instruments. The second section includes plaques, ceramics, weaponry, games, textiles, and Islamic art. One section is entirely dedicated to automobiles while another has pewter, brass, copper, and silver.

This organization system means that out of the places to visit in Langkawi, the Perdana Gallery is perhaps one of the easiest to navigate, especially for those with a particular goal in mind.

There are many unique objects within the 5,333 square meters occupied by the museum and the intricate gardens. One of the highlights is the F1 racing cars that were given as gifts with another being the Wood Carving Room which contains Malay wooden architecture.

Additional Areas

Although still considered to be a part of the Perdana Gallery, the Reading Room contains reference material. If you would like to relax after your visit of the gallery, you can head to the Green House which is outdoors and contains numerous plants in a controlled environment.

Important Information

To get to the gallery, you can travel 11 kilometers north of Kuah until you reach Mukim Air Hangat. In fact, the Perdana Gallery is fairly close to the Langkawi Bird Paradise, so when you pass that attraction, you will know to be on the lookout for the gallery. Around the gallery is a great deal of greenery with paved trails for walking. You can even get a snack in a nearby café and reminisce about the places to visit in Malaysia that you have seen on your trip.

During your visit, remember that each of the objects within the Perdana Gallery holds significance for Malaysia. Respect the items by not touching them unless specifically told you can do so and take the same care with the surrounding gardens.

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