Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman: The Garden That Explains the Myths!

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Birds trilling, leaves rustling, trees swaying and golden sun rays lighting up beautifully designed statues showcasing the mystery and legends of Langkawi: this is what you get at the Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman! A huge garden covering fifty acres of paradise, this park is all about ancient folklore, myths, legends and tales of princesses, giants and birds!

Think about it: where in Langkawi will you get the chance to understand and enjoy the stories behind all the legends and myths you’re hearing? From the tale of the two giant mountains to the tale of the curse of Langkawi, Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman displays it all! So if you’re wondering what to do in Langkawi, wonder no more!

Where Legend Park’s at!

Set just beside the Kuah Jetty in Pulau Langkawi and next to the famed Eagle Square, Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman is in the ideal position for folks who are going for a stroll along the jetty or heading to Eagle Square for a photo-opportunity with the huge White-Bellied Sea Eagle sculpture!

Inside the Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman

There’s so much to see within this beautifully landscaped park that you’ll be floored. A majestic arched entrance starts you off and as you go deeper into the park, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful sculptures that are dotted on the landscape! The amazingly colorful scenic gardens and the tranquil glittering man-made lakes within the park are an added feature to help you relax and enjoy the tranquility, the scenery and the beautiful ocean view from the park!

The History of Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman

This beautiful folklore park was first started in the year 1996, to showcase Langkawi’s rich natural and cultural heritage! Built at a cost of MYR 37 million, this park is one of the more expensive endeavors to showcase the myths of Langkawi and increase its appeal as an eco-tourism hotspot destination! The Legend Park not only shows you the physical personifications of folklore, but also the meanings and symbolisms behind those legends and myths, making it one of the more significant and symbolic of all the places to visit in Malaysia!

Of Sculptures and Legends

Dotted through the gardens are seventeen very interesting sculptures that personify the myths that make up the mystery of Langkawi. These sculptures portray the different legends that have shrouded the islands of Langkawi, with some of the best and more famous ones being those of the falling cauldron, the ginormous crocodile, the arms rising up from the ground to grasp another arm bent on destroying the world and some other fascinating sculptures of mythical animals, curved-beak feather-headed eagles and more!

Some of the main legends that are explained in Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman are the legend of the Mermaid’s Golden Ball, the myth of Pulau Hantu (which is also known as Ghost Island), the legend of Gunung Raya and Gunung Cincang and the legend of Pandak Mayah’s Spear, to mention a few!

The Rock that displays the legends is another must-see in Legend Park, as it shows how the Langkawi archipelago got its name!

When to Go

The Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman is open every day from eight in the morning to eleven at night. Being the ideal picnic spot for locals, the park gets crowded during lunch hours especially at the weekend. So if you’re looking for a languid stroll as you admire the sculptures in peace and tranquility, the best time would be early morning or early evening as the sun is setting. Bring a hat or an umbrella in case it gets very hot, as it oft-times does!

When heading to Langkawi, please adopt global responsible tourism principles. Malaysia is an eco-tourism destination that is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna. At the Legend Park, let’s adopt responsible tourism; avoid pollution of the park and damage and destruction of the sculptures within the park. Let’s leave it as we found it, so our children and their children can also see it and marvel over it as it deserves to be marveled over!

About Langkawi Coral

Langkawi Coral promote Green Tourism, environmentally responsible travel to natural areas to appreciate nature and promote conservation, and sustain the well being of local people. We share with tourists not only the best of Penang and Langkawi in nature, culture, heritage and adventure but also the importance of conservation to preserve rich natural splendors and cultural heritages in Malaysia. | 我们推广绿色旅游,在自然区开展责任旅游,欣赏大自然及提倡自然保育,并维系当地人民的福祉。 我们不单只和旅客分享槟城和兰卡威在自然、文化与历史传统的最佳一面,同时更着重保育的重要性,以维护马来西亚丰富的天然瑰宝与文化遗产。
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