Chow Kit Wet Market-Malaysia’s most infamous landmarks

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Chow Kit is one of the most infamous places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is found in the proximity of the Chow Kit Road and it is surrounded by parallel streets. The sub-district was named after the municipal councilor and the tin miner Loke Chow Kit, and it currently features a huge Indonesian community.

Chow Kit hosts the largest fresh wet market in Kuala Lumpur. It is visited daily by thousands of people who fill the narrow aisles searching for bargains. The highlight of the market is its main street, an animated scene jammed with traditional stalls and boutiques. Also referred to as Bazaar Baru Chow Kit, this bucolic market is a complex pattern of flagrances and colors.

Market sections – wet & dry

Chow Kit Wet Market is shaded by a multitude of flamboyant, giant umbrellas that give it a mystical appearance. It is divided into two main sections – wet and dry, each one offering specific products for sale. The dry section is the cleaner part of the bazaar and it’s more appropriate for visitors. They can found here nearly everything from vegetables, fruits, spices, tofu and even DVDs, clothes, shoes and textiles. Vendors are extremely hospitable and they’ll be willing to help you with anything you may need.

On the other hand, the wet market is much cluttered and chaotic. It’s usually frequented by locals who come here to purchase meat. There are countless stalls selling various sorts of meat products, including pork, chicken, beef and mouton. Unsurprisingly, it smells quite spitefully, but locals visit this market for the low prices and fresh products. Stop wondering what to do in Chow Kit Wet Market, and just make the courage to explore it.

Whether you’re here to purchase fruits, vegetables, spices, tofu or fish, meat, lobsters, crabs and other tasty local products, Chow Kit will surely appeal to your senses. Similarly, there are various stalls trading clothes, cassette tapes, silk, shoes and fabrics. When you’re not sure where to go in Kuala Lumpur to shop, test the Chow Kit Wet Market and enjoy a genuine Malaysian experience.

The Red District

Chow Kit features one more distinctive area, which is similar to Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It’s neither as seamy nor as prolific, but it is filled with entertaining bars and posh night clubs. The infamous avenue features a maze of gorgeous buildings that are home to all sorts of shady “businesses”. Although most Malaysians view this area as corrupt and immoral, its presence attracts numerous tourists and provides the town with an exotic aura.

Known as one of the best places to visit in Malaysia, the Wet Market is dominated by a kaleidoscope of flagrances and vibrant colors that will amaze you. Don’t get frightened by avid sellers who might come close to offer their products. Most things are extremely low priced, thus you will be able to buy anything you want without spending a fortune. Silk, shoes, clothes, they all seem tempting and they all are great souvenirs for your loved ones.

Although Kuala Lumpur has developed greatly throughout the past few years and lots of shops and stores appeared overnight, the Chow Kit Wet Market endured it all and it is still one of the most popular shopping venues in town. It is a terrific spot to buy fresh and delicious ingredients, take interesting photos and bond with the local culture.

Reaching Chow Kit Water Market is quite easy, even if you’re coming from the other part of the town. You just need to get to the monorail and then stop at the Chow Kit Monorail Station. The market is just at a few minutes away from the station and it’s pretty easy to find.

When you don’t know where to go in Kuala Lumpur, the Chow Kit Wet Market is the ideal place to submerge into the Malaysian culture and find out more about this fantastic place. In case you want to see more of the unparalleled cultures of the market, you should check in at one of the fine hotels found just nearby.

Chow Kit Wet Market is Kuala Lumpur’s most soothing and traditional places of interest. Therefore, it must be carefully treated by all travelers. Value the food, the people, and the surroundings; be respectful and the locals will make you feel like home.

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