Kuala Lumpur Bird Park – a diversified and entertaining natural park

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The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is situated in the middle of the tranquil and picturesque Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden. It is very close to the city center and it’s also one of most beautiful places to visit in Malaysia. This bird park is vibrant, colorful and full of life, being the perfect place to spend a wonderful day having the best time. When you don’t know where to go in Kuala Lumpur and you want to delight your senses in a natural habitat, make sure to check out the stunning KL Bird Park.

KL Bird Park – the Biodiversity

The park hosts more than 3,000 birds and approximately 200 species of foreign and local birds. The garden is spread on more than 20.9 acres of terrain and it is divided into four main zones. Zone 1 and 2 are free-flight areas, zone 3 is represented by the lovely Hornbill Park and Zone 4 features plenty of birds placed in mini aviaries and separate cages. One of the most impressive features of the park is that in Zone 1, 2 and 3 the birds fly freely in a beautiful aviary that resembles perfectly their natural habitat. This free-flight concept is aimed to support birds to breed naturally and live longer in this unique environment. More than 200,000 visitors come to KL Bird Park annually, and being one of them is definitely an honor.

Visit the KL Bird Park and you’ll surely have a great time admiring all the melodic and colorful birds flying around and enchanting the visitors.  With so many places to visit in Malaysia, travelers will find it hard to decide on the best attractions. The beautiful bird park will charm you with it beauty and lovely songs. Most people who are interested in birds are research scientists who come here in order to analyze bird nests so that they can study different behavioral patterns.

The mission of the park

The park’s main aim is to make all species here feel exactly like in their natural habitat. So far, it seems that this mission has been accomplished because the species have adapted perfectly. They’re flying and eating well, plus they have already managed to breed naturally. This has been possible because of the countless nesting suites installed throughout park, along with the bountiful sources of fallen branches, leaves, and twigs that turn the KL Bird Park into a perfect breeding environment. What to do in Kuala Lumpur when you’re trying to relax? Spend a lovely day in the park, admire the birds and take lots of pictures.

Activities for visitors

The recreational oasis has a soothing restaurant nearby where you can enjoy a rustic and warm dinner experience. The restaurant has a unique old charm that matches perfectly with the rest of the park, and it is always filled with cheerful visitors. A delicious dinner on the veranda might be exactly what you need to feel lively and energetic again. The views from the restaurant are wonderful too and you will be able to take some more interesting pictures if the weather is nice.

All things considered, the KL Bird Park is a place that you must visit while in Kuala Lumpur. The multitude of stunning birds, the luxuriant vegetation and the amazing sceneries will make you want to return here as soon as possible. It definitely is one of the best places in town and you are guaranteed to have the chance of a lifetime.

Besides, there are plenty of other attractions that you can visit in this area, so you will never regret having explored the natural oasis. There are beautiful things to do in Kuala Lumpur, and exploring the KL Bird Park is surely one of them. If you’re trying to rejuvenate your mind and body, stop by the park and delight in the plethora of breathtaking sceneries.

The KL Bird Park is a natural habit of Kuala Lumpur that must be valued and respected by all tourists. Be a responsible traveler, don’t harm the environment in any way, and help the place remain vivid and clean for future tourists.

About Langkawi Coral

Langkawi Coral promote Green Tourism, environmentally responsible travel to natural areas to appreciate nature and promote conservation, and sustain the well being of local people. We share with tourists not only the best of Penang and Langkawi in nature, culture, heritage and adventure but also the importance of conservation to preserve rich natural splendors and cultural heritages in Malaysia. | 我们推广绿色旅游,在自然区开展责任旅游,欣赏大自然及提倡自然保育,并维系当地人民的福祉。 我们不单只和旅客分享槟城和兰卡威在自然、文化与历史传统的最佳一面,同时更着重保育的重要性,以维护马来西亚丰富的天然瑰宝与文化遗产。
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