Kuala Lumpur’s Stunning Skyline Impresses at Altitude

Dominating Kuala Lumpur’s skyline, the Petronas Twin Towers are a defining landmark of the capital city and a visit to them is a must-do if you holiday in Malaysia.

Fusing cutting-edge innovation with a distinctive cultural inspired architectural design, capturing the stunning 360 panoramic view of the city from the sky bridge is one of the most impressive things to do in Kuala Lumpur.

An astounding engineering feat, the Petronas Twin Towers were ranked as the world’s tallest building for six years from 1998 to 2004 until they were surpassed by Taipei 101. However the Petronas Towers still remain the tallest twin buildings in the world.

The twin skyscrapers were designed by Argentinian architect César Pelli who chose a distinctive postmodern style to celebrate the new age of a modern Kuala Lumpur. Planning on the Petronas Towers started on 1 January 1992 and seven years of construction followed until the first group of Petronas employees moved into the building on 1 January 1997. The building was then officially opened by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad on 1 August 1999.

The 88-floor towers are mostly made from reinforced concrete. Its steel and glass facade was carefully designed to meet the developers demand that it ‘express the culture and heritage of Malaysia’. The use of Islamic motifs is a common thread in the overall aesthetics of the towers in recognition of Malaysia’s Muslim religion. The cross section of the towers is based on a Rub el Hizb which is distinctive Islamic design element.

The interior design of the towers is also inspired by Malaysian culture through the use of carefully chosen fabrics and carvings which are particularly prominent in the entrance halls of the Towers. The geometric eight-pointed star design on each of the Tower’s floor plates also embodies the overall traditional Islamic look and feel. Architecturally, these forms reflect the important Islamic principles of “unity within unity, harmony, stability and rationality”.

Between the two towers there is 560,000 square meters of column-free office space. Below them is the Suria KLCC, a shopping mall and Dewan Filharmonik Petronas; the home of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Thousands of visitors are drawn to this area each day to use the facilities and enjoy relaxing in the vast green space that lies in front of the Towers.

The Towers have 29 double-decker high-speed passenger lifts, six heavy-duty service lifts and four executive lifts. The executive lifts are the longest rise in any office building in Malaysia and serve every floor from the basement car park to the top of the Towers in 90 seconds. Each passenger deck can carry 26 people or 52 in total, while the executive lifts can carry an average of 10.

The Towers are linked by a sky bridge at the 41st floor which is intended to symbolize a gateway to the future. Watching the sunset from this vantage point gives unparalleled views of the city and is one of the more breathtaking things to do in Kuala Lumpur.

The construction of the Petronas Towers has succeeded in an engineering and design feat that recognizes both Malaysia’s past and future and embraces the nation’s heritage.

Visiting the Petronas Towers is a highlight for many people who travel to Kuala Lumpur and is highly recommended for those looking for inspiration on what to do in Malaysia.

People who holiday in Malaysia are encouraged to be responsible travelers and show respect for the local culture when exploring the country. Taking only photographs and paying attention to any rules and regulations will not only ensure your safety but make you visit to the Petronas Twin Towers a truly memorable one.

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