Environmentally Responsible Travel

Just about every country in the world has locations that are simply natural wonders. In these places, you’ll find waterfalls, mountains, plateaus, canyons, caves, and all sorts of other formations that are stunning sights to behold. Add to that a wealth of animals, birds, insects, and other living things, and you have a location that’s truly a national treasure.

One of the treasures of Malaysia has to be Pulau Payar Marine Park. It encompasses vast bodies of water that hold beautiful scenery and a myriad of amazing sea creatures. Many people enjoy traveling to Pulau Payar for snorkeling and scuba diving because of its magnificent corals and exotic marine life. Still, it is very important to remember that the marine park is made up of billions of creatures which call it home. That is why it is imperative that we start practicing traveling with a conscience.

There are actually many things that a traveler can do in order to conserve nature while on holiday. One of the main aims of ecotourism is to help the environment and inherently ensure long term sustenance of the site. For example, eco travelers would make sure that they are diving around the site without leaving a single trace of their presence. There are many organizations who work hand in hand to clear off marine debris so that the marine parks can survive even longer. This not only helps the environment in itself but also has a ripple effect throughout the community. It doesn’t even have to be a big campaign – often times, just being able to raise public awareness of the issues involved is a big help in itself.

It is not an easy journey but as environmental issues take center stage around the world, there are thankfully more travelers and locals who are aware of what is at stake. The main idea would be to increase awareness and coordination between all parties so that millions more can enjoy the beauty and natural wonder of Malaysia’s famous marine parks. Tourists – whether from other countries or locals – should also be mindful of how their decisions actually affect the ecosystem while holidaying on marine parks.

Check out on green projects organized to promote environment conservation.

About Langkawi Coral

Langkawi Coral promote Green Tourism, environmentally responsible travel to natural areas to appreciate nature and promote conservation, and sustain the well being of local people. We share with tourists not only the best of Penang and Langkawi in nature, culture, heritage and adventure but also the importance of conservation to preserve rich natural splendors and cultural heritages in Malaysia. | 我们推广绿色旅游,在自然区开展责任旅游,欣赏大自然及提倡自然保育,并维系当地人民的福祉。 我们不单只和旅客分享槟城和兰卡威在自然、文化与历史传统的最佳一面,同时更着重保育的重要性,以维护马来西亚丰富的天然瑰宝与文化遗产。
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